The Original Super Siphon

Transfer a 5 gallon container of gas in less than 1 ½ min, without any dripping. Also good for transferring diesel, paint, or oil. Safely transfer gas to your boat, Jet Ski, or even your lawnmower without the danger of spilling. Empty out the bilge, or the bottom of your boat, with just a few quick shakes to start the siphoning. Around the house you can easily transfer liquids from aquariums, clogged up sinks or tubs, fish ponds, or to empty out your Jacuzzi. Just drop the pump end, which works like a check valve, into whatever liquid you want to siphon and snap the hose up and down a few times to start the flow. (NOTE: The “siphon-from” container MUST be higher than the “siphon-to” container.) As you snap the hose down into the liquid, the check valve allows the liquid in the hose, but not back out. When enough liquid gets into the hose, the Super Siphoning effect takes over … Just lower the end of the hose into your container and the liquid starts flowing!

The original Super Siphon is exclusively offered by the seller AmazingIndustrialFullfillment


Super Siphon with 6′ Hose

  • Siphon 5 gallons of liquid in 90 seconds!!!
  • Super Siphon will safely transfer fuels, gasoline, diesel, water, beer, wine or whatever!
  • 6 Feet of FDA grade poly tubing included
  • Super Siphon is simple and easy to use! Safety Siphon for Safe Siphoning.
  • Super Siphon has a high quality brass fitting for excellent longevity.


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